Michael Cole gears up for second pro bout this weekend

UKO 05/10/2016

Michael Cole has been reinvigorated since turning professional this year and is hoping to make a name for himself in the professional ranks starting with the ‘High Hopes’ show at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham, on October 8th.

“In my last amateur fight I had it and I just didn’t care. I used to do anything to get the win but that last time I had it and it was like I just gave up in the fight.

“In that moment I thought I either have to get that fire back or just call it a day. I said to my trainer can you take me professional and he said yes so we have started out on this journey. I am so determined now to be a success as a professional.”

The super lightweight got the victory in his debut professional contest and he is hoping to improve going into his second bout in Birmingham.

“Hopefully we can improve again in this next fight. With my last performance I didn’t know what to expect and I was cagey and boxing on the outside to be honest.

“I was almost running away so this time we have been working on staying in the pocket and just slipping shots rather than being miles away and out of reach.

“Preparation is going really well for my second fight. I usually get little niggles along the way in training camps. But this time it has all been good and it has been some of the best training I have done.”

The Leamington born pugilist feels more suited to the professional side of the game and feels it is important to have time to prepare for a fight.

“I am enjoying being in the professionals. I prefer it to the amateurs. I found in the amateurs because of my age it was getting harder to be matched up because a lot of them are kids and I was always over 21 when I boxed.

“Also I like being given a date for my fight in professionals. It gives you a lot of preparation time to make sure you are at your best and ready. In the amateurs it could be the day before and you take the fight but you aren’t in the right frame of mind. I train all year round so I am always fit and ready to go but it is nice to get to your perfect weight and get your head ready for the bout.

“My first goal in boxing was always to just become professional. So I am delighted with that and I just want to have as many fights as possible. I would love a Midlands shot in the future but I am just always looking to get that next win every time.”

Birmingham middleweight debutant, Ikram Hussain, Birmingham super welterweight prospect, Jordan Clayton (3-0), and Lichfield flyweight, Brad Foster (4-0), also feature.

Tickets are priced at £60 and include a two-course meal at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport, Coventry Road, B26 3QW. Call 07796 015 899 to book.