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Home » Linares recalls Crolla victory, told to rest hand injury for seven weeks

Linares recalls Crolla victory, told to rest hand injury for seven weeks

The three times world champion is absolutely thrilled to be back in Mexico, a country he considers his second home and where he has a multitude of fans.

Linares has already visited the “Basilica de Guadalupe” to thank God for all the blessings he has in his life. World Boxing Council President Mauricio presented Jorge with the prestigious and exclusive WBC green and gold bracelet, only reserved for world champions.

Recalling his megafight in Manchester Jorge said: “People were very partisan, to be honest , but I was aware that I would have to overcome that too. But I didn’t think that the referee would bother me so much”.

“In the 5th round, I felt my hand hurt, for a moment I thought it was something related to the injury I suffered last year. However, I stayed very focused.

“I wanted to knock him out but I was also sure that I would gain the victory if I boxed him intelligently. Thank God it happened that way.

“I had my hand checked and the Doctor told me I have to rest it for seven weeks.

“I am very happy with life for all the opportunities life gave me. I am convinced we all have to take the chances life gives us and that what I have done since I left home when I was 17.

“The road has not been easy at all. I have cried and suffered a lot. But today , I am standing very proud”

The Proud of Venezuela remembered his first steps inside boxing and at this point, he remembered the dear Mr. Gilberto Mendoza, who was the first man to give him a chance.

Happy of having boxing on his life, Linares commented he feels very honor to had conquered the Diamond belt. He told us he was very motivated and when he saw his photo in the belt beside the photo of Don Jose Sulaiman… a man that always supported and helped him during all the stages of his life.

For concluding, Mr. Sulaiman presented the WBC Champion´s bracelet , which is only for the greatest fighters that bring prestige and loyalty to the organization.