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Fury: I’m a fat pig – 290 pounds, on the verge of being an alchoholic

The 28 year-old’s career is currently in doubt due to depression, drug-taking and alcoholism, whilst his titles are in jeopardy with the authorities due to failed test samples.

Speaking out to a US publication due to his contact battle with the British media, Fury opened up on how his life has spiralled out of control in recent months.

“I don’t see a way out, I don’t even see a way of living for me, I don’t want to live anymore. It has brought me to the brink of, of death, that’s where I’m at at the moment. It all seems so sad but it is the truth and I really don’t care about boxing or sports or anything about it. I’m just sad that I got involved in boxing in the beginning. Cause I always thought once I get to the top, it will all change, but I knew deep down inside it would never change,” Fury told Rolling Stone.

“It’s got nothing to do with my fighting. Got nothing to do with anything like that. What I’m going through at the moment is my personal life. I’ve not been in the gym since May. I went over to Holland to do a training camp and was crying every night. I did not want to be there. I said to to [uncle and trainer] Peter [Fury], “I cannot do this anymore, Peter.” I said I’m breaking down, I said there’s something wrong with me, I wanna go home, I said I don’t want it. Take everything and chuck it in the bin, I don’t want it no more. From that day forward, I’ve never done any training. I’ve been out, I’ve been drinking. I’m on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. I’m drinking Monday to Friday to Sunday. I can’t, I can’t deal with it, and the only thing that helps me is when I get drunk out of me mind and that’s it. I don’t tell lies, I’ve no need to tell lies. I’ve taken drugs, cocaine, on many many occasions for the last six months. Not to enhance my performance – cause I’ve not been performing.”

“It is crazy that’s what’s going on but listen, I don’t really care. They’ve won. They’ve got what they wanted. That’s it. I’m as fat as a pig. I’m 285 pounds, 290 pounds. It is what it is. I’ve been out. I’ve been an emotional wreck. I’ve been on a mission. I’ve been out trying to handle me life.”

Asked whether he’s still taking drugs and drinking to deal with everyday life, Fury added: “I’m trying to forget about it all. I’m putting boxing behind me, the drinking, the drugs, just getting back in the church and right with God. Cause that’s all that matters with me.

“Other people’s opinions and what they gotta write and what they gotta say about me, all the negativity, all the charges in the world doesn’t mean nothing, because I just want to go to heaven, I want my family to go to heaven, and that’s it, that’s all that matters to me. Because material things are no good.”

Fury went on to say he’s been clean since October 1 but still has a long way to go until he can resume his boxing career.

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