Exclusive: Bare-knuckle champ Bobby Gunn backs Tyson Fury, points to torrent of online abuse

Bobby Gunn has leapt to the defence of good friend Tyson Fury following the heavyweight world champion’s recent controversial admission of drug-taking and alcoholism.

Fury has not trained to defend his trio of world titles since May, having gone off the rails and suffered manic depression following what Gunn believes is a sustained campaign of hate towards him for his Traveller heritage.

Gunn, a bare-knuckle world title holder in his own right, explained that since winning the sport’s biggest prize back in November – media and a section of the boxing fraternity have failed to recognise his achievements – which both fighters say is simply down to Fury’s background.

“The truth is that my friend in life at this time, Tyson Fury is not feeling himself right now,” Gunn exclusively told World Boxing News.

“When he won the heavyweight world title you could hardly hear a word (from the UK press) and it was as quiet as a church.

“I mean, he’s in the spotlight now because he is in the light because of what’s happening, but the spotlight should also be on the hateful gossipers and evil racist remarks towards him on social media.

“Tyson said it himself that this is a big factor in how he feels and all you have to do is go to Twitter, search his name ‘Tyson Fury’, and add the words ‘pikey, bastard or other bad words with it and you will see an unlimited amount of hateful remarks towards him.

“It’s a disgrace the way he is treated and he’s the heavyweight champion of the world.”

As he struggles to deal with his depressive state, Fury looks nailed on to lose his clutch of titles in the coming weeks, although Gunn says given the chance to get in the right frame of mind, the champion would take on any contender.

“Tyson will defend his titles and he will go out and beat anybody they put in front of him,” predicted Gunn. “I can tell you first-hand he comes from a proper breed of people as his uncle Peter Fury is a very good friend to me. The man is probably the best trainer in boxing today and his father ‘Big John’ Fury is a legend. The man was a professional boxer and a legend bare-knuckle fighter. These people are the best of the best and they would take their shirt off their back and give it to anybody that needs it.

“Also, Tyson is not racist in any way, shape or form as he has all different races of people working on his team. People who have different religious backgrounds also work on his team.”

Gunn went on: “Tyson Fury is about love and if you know him he would give you anything that you would ask him and that is a fact. He is a Christian man and his belief system is straight out of the Bible – The King James Bible. That’s his religion and that is his choice, so he should not be criticized for passing opinion about his religion. 

“If he was a Muslim, would he be criticized as much by passing his opinion? –  We already know the answer is no.

“It’s because the Gypsy Traveller people do not have any rights. We are attacked social media 24/7. In fact, there are top sports report reporters from the boxing media that have a personal hatred towards the Travellers.

“Tyson Fury gets it and Billy Joe Saunders gets it as well. It’s a disgrace and I, myself have been a victim to this throughout my years. I’m sick and tired of it. The year is 2016 so when are people going to take this and throw it in the garbage? Why do they let It go when a person calls a Gypsy Traveller ‘a pikey’ – it is this same hateful evil word as if they were to call an African-American the dirty ‘n word’ which is another evil word that is used.

“We are all the same, we all have the same colour in common – red – that is our blood. God created man in his own image, it never said what colour. We are all the same and you can’t blame an entire race of people if there are a few bad ones. Unfortunately, with the Gypsy Traveller people, we are all painted with the same brush and that’s a fact.”

Time may be the only healer for Fury as he firstly battles his demons and the governing bodies in a bid to keep his title status, although Gunn has no doubts the 28 year-old will come back stronger in the future.

“Tyson Fury will be back better than ever, that’s a fact. He is the best pound-for-pound heavyweight in the world and I love him very much. I would do anything in the world for him and his family. If he goes to war, I go to work next to him.

“God bless everybody out there, even the haters. We don’t hate you, we pray for you and we love you,” he added.