Orlando Salido v Takashi Miura heading to California on Dec 17

WBC 04/10/2016
salido gbp

The blue touch paper looks set to be lit, igniting via a show that burns the fuse for the most explosive clash of the year between Orlando “Siri” Salido and Takashi Miura on December 17 in California.

Due to the great “bombs away,” style of both boxers, the fights is a firm candidate to transform into one of the best battles of the year, as each of them, dug deep in incredible wars against Francisco “Bandido” Vargas, Miura in 2015 and Salido in June.

This summer, Salido was negotiating a rematch fight with Vasyl Lomachenko. After talks and negotiations didn’t resolve or finalize, the dangerous Nicaraguan stepped in.

Former WBC super featherweight champion, Miura, is also aiming to fight Vargas again.