Mayweather Sr: Golovkin not good for my son, let him fight somebody his own size

WBN 04/10/2016

Will Hart

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has added to his son’s previous statements that Gennady Golovkin is just too big to be considered an opponent for the former pound for pound king.

The respected trainer, who oversaw most of Floyd Junior’s glittering career, doesn’t see Golovkin as an option going forward despite the Kazakh’s trainer Abel Sanchez telling WBN the middleweight king would come down to 154 for any prospective contest.

‘GGG’ recently fought Kell Brook, a predominant welterweight, although the Briton had to move up thirteen pounds for the privilege of being beaten down by Golovkin in five painful rounds at the O2 Arena.

“Kell Brook was probably beating him and stuff but, at the end of the day – even with Floyd – the guy is too big, he can take your punch and you can’t take his punch. He can take what you give him but you aren’t going to be able to take what he gives, and plus he can smother you too. I’m just telling you that it (facing Golovkin) is not a good break for my son,” Mayweather Sr. told On The Ropes Radio.

“You know, I don’t doubt my son on nothing he can do. Kell Brook did it, you see what happened though, he got hit and his eyes closed and he couldn’t see nothing.

“I’m just telling you that those kind of things can happen. They can happen and they will happen, so I wouldn’t even suggest that. Let him go fight somebody his own size.”

Retired Mayweather, who turns 40 in February, has long been linked to a 50th career outing and recently stated to TMZ that he may be persuaded to return to action if the money was right.