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Home » Exclusive: N’dam brands Saunders ‘bull***’ and ‘fake’, says Akavov ‘no real test’

Exclusive: N’dam brands Saunders ‘bull***’ and ‘fake’, says Akavov ‘no real test’

N’dam was one of a handful of opponents Saunders could have chosen for the date in Cardiff, although the Frenchman says he wasn’t even contacted as he’d be too dangerous for the Briton to handle.

As Saunders gears up to defend his 160 pound belt for the first time ahead of a possible unification with Gennady Golovkin, N’dam was left seething at the 27 year-old’s choice of a fighter who has no real names on his record.

“Saunders, you are bullshit and a fake fighter. I mean, who are you fighting? You should have fought me to see if you really are a champion,” blasted N’dam to World Boxing News.

“You should have accepted me as your challenger. I am no amateur. I been active at the Olympics against good fighters and just because you are professional it is not just given to any boxer. You have to earn it. But you, especially, are not fighting against your class of boxer and you are also two classes below me.

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could even return to the Olympic Games, twelve years after I made it at light heavyweight. It was not to be but we are not talking about me. It’s about you and you don’t have enough heart to fight any real boxers.”

On Akavov, who has lost one of 17 bouts, N’dam added: “Akavov is an experienced boxer but he has never had a real fight. He’s nothing more than a prospect.

“But we all know it’s good for you to make this kind of fight as he’s is just inside the rankings. You could have fought another boxer, a better boxer.

“Although It’s not a false ranking for him, you don’t want to try your best and we all know he will not be a real test for you,” said N’dam.