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Home » Berman expects WBA to ‘right disgraceful wrong’ against Liebenberg

Berman expects WBA to ‘right disgraceful wrong’ against Liebenberg

Liebenberg lost a split decision despite appearing to dominate large chunks of the fight, a verdict that left boxing fans fuming. Berman, too, was furious.

“This is the second time Liebenberg has found himself on the wrong end of the stick and I am looking to you to right a disgraceful wrong,” he wrote in his letter to WBA president Gilberto Mendoza.

Team Liebenberg, still chipper after the shambles in Germany.

Berman said his anger was directed at the officials rather than the WBA itself and he was confident the organisation would be fair and mandate a rematch.

In a separate but related development, Berman has also petitioned the WBC to give Liebenberg a fair shake. They are well aware of the robbery and have asked for details of the fight.

Both fighters turned in commendable performances, but Liebenberg was superior in all departments. He knows the risks of going on the road for big fights, but even he was perplexed at the brazen way in which the officials nailed him.

“Things didn’t go our way, but we’ll be back,” he vowed.

Knowing Liebenberg, he certainly will be.