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Nathan Weise out of York Hall fight with injury

The 32-year-old South Londoner was due to face Trowbridge’s Dan Carr (3-82-2) over six three-minute rounds on a Dove Box Promotions show in Bethnal Green headlined by stable-mate and Southern Area super-welterweight champion Arthur Hermann.

The three-time Southern Area challenger stated, “This happened a little while back when sparring Richie Gray, I threw a shot and hit the top of his head and my right hand automatically swelled up.

“It healed ok but then when sparring Johnny Coyle recently, the same thing happened again.

“Going into the fight with those small gloves on, it’s just not worth the risk.”

Weise has suffered from injuries in the past, once forced out of action for over 18-months with a shoulder injury.

“My whole career, I’ve never had a problem with my hands,” he said. “I’ve had two operations on my left shoulder because I always used to dislocate it but it’s all fine now.”

Weise has twice challenged for the Southern Area super-welterweight title and, most recently, the welterweight version losing out to the current English champ Johnny Garton in March last year. He aims to get back to big title fights as soon as possible.

“I’ve come up short in all three Southern Area title fights and I believe it’s because of experience. I’ve always jumped at the opportunities when presented to me but, in fact, I’ve not been ready.

“Those 10-rounds are a big step up and you shouldn’t be going in unprepared.

“Since I’ve joined Alec Wilkey, he’s said to take our time and to start again. I’ve still not been past six rounds, so I’ll do a six-rounder next, then move up to eight rounds for a Challenge belt.”

The Thamesmead puncher trains at The Lansbury ABC in Poplar under the tutelage of top trainer Alec Wilkey.

There, Weise is part of a talented group that includes Southern Area super-lightweight titlist and Prizefighter winner Johnny Coyle, Prizefighter semi-finalist Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor, and Southern Area super-welterweight champ Arthur Hermann.

The former West Ham ABC amateur was a two-time Schoolboy finalist, Junior ABA finalist, Four Nations Silver medallist, and England representative.

He confirmed plans to fight again in December, “I’m still training hard, just no punching. I’m getting ready to fight again in December.

“I know I’m at the bottom now but it won’t be long until I’m up at the top. I want that Southern Area belt!

“I believe I can be a British champion, I don’t worry about time because I live well and I’m always in the gym.”

For tickets to the next fight contact 07904 302 398 Follow Nathan Weise on Twitter @nathansugarboy