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Home » Exclusive: Saunders responds to N’dam’s GGG jibes, ‘You just got beat in the amateurs!’

Exclusive: Saunders responds to N’dam’s GGG jibes, ‘You just got beat in the amateurs!’

N’dam, a former owner of the belt Saunders currently holds, said the following WBN regarding the champion: “I don’t think we will fight because I think he fears me and wants to take easy option for that fight.

“I think today Saunders wants to just have easy opponents. But when we go around saying we are a champion, we must face the real boxers who can give you a headache.

“Saunders says he wants to fight with Gennady Golovkin next but is that because he has already proven himself as a champion or is it just because he knows he will get a large purse if he faces GGG?”

In response to N’dam, Saunders exclusively told World Boxing News: “I would not entertain Hassam N’dam because he just got beat in the amateurs!

“Let’s face it, N’dam is a low-level fighter who needs to wake up and earn his cash. He’s probably going to be 50 and still trying to get cash out the game. I handle my boxing so it can take me to a better life for my sons, not for anyone else.

“N’dam wants to talk to try and talk himself into a fight with me, but the fact is he got knocked out in the first round of the Olympics.

“If he would have won the gold medal he might have been in the running but not now,” he added.

Saunders makes the first defence of his 160 pound crown on the upcoming Frank Warren show at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on October 22 and is set to formally announce his opponent in the coming days.

The Briton is eyeing a massive fight with Gennady Golovkin in the coming months, a contest that would earn both fighters millions and fully unify the middleweight division in the process.