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Home » WBO send letter to Tyson Fury detailing heavyweight title requirements

WBO send letter to Tyson Fury detailing heavyweight title requirements

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The World Boxing Organization sent a letter to Tyson Fury outlining his requirements as their current heavyweight champion.

C/o Peter Fury And
Michael Hennessy

Re: Interim Certification Request to Tyson Fury of your Medical Recovery Status

Dear World Champion Fury:

We are very sorry to hear the reports you have allegedly pulled out of the October 29th bout due to a serious depression you are being treated for. Please know that all at the WBO are concerned and wish you the best for a complete recovery.

As you know, since the date your title was won on November 28, 2015, you have not defended your title, and you have been inactive. On Jun 24, 2016, an ankle injury forced you to withdraw from your Heavyweight rematch against Wladimir Klitschko scheduled for July 9th in Manchester. Now, two months later, according to reports, your camp has announced the following:

“It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that the world heavyweight championship rematch between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko, scheduled to take place on the 29th October 2016 at the Manchester Arena, will not be going ahead,”

Tyson has, this week, been declared medically unfit to fight. Medical specialists have advised that the condition is too severe to allow him to participate in the rematch and that he will require treatment before going back into the ring. Tyson will now immediately undergo the treatment he needs to make a full recovery.”

The WBO World Championship Committee will need to receive your Interim Certification within 10 calendar days of this letter, non-extendable. This information is needed for the Committee to appropriately evaluate your condition within the division and consider your status consistent with our World Championship Rules.

Rule 19 of the WBO Regulations of World Championship Contests provides:

Luis Batista Salas, Esq. Chairman


(b) However, if the Champion is unable to defend his Championship within the time periods provided in these Rules because he is physically disabled for a justified cause, and said disability has been verified and accepted by the World Championships Committee, the Champion may be granted a reasonable time to recover from the disability and retrain to competitive condition, which shall not in total exceed 180 days. The disability extension will be granted only if the Committee determines, based on competent medical advice, that the Champion is reasonably expected to recover from his disability within the maximum allowable term of the disability extension. The Committee may condition its approval of a disability extension upon the Champion providing interim medical certifications that he is reasonably expected to recover within the term of the disability extension.

(c) A disability extension shall be approved only by the vote of the World Championships Committee. If the Champion’s recover time exceeds the maximum term of the disability extension, or if upon receipt of an interim medical certification the World Championship Committee determines that the Champion is not reasonably likely to recover and be prepared to defend his Championship within the term of the disability extension, the title shall be declared vacant and a Vacant or Interim Championship fight, as the case may be, shall be held for the title according to the provisions of the World Championships Regulations.

(d) The Championship Committee may order an Interim championship bout when the Champion is incapacitated, inactive, or when a Champion moves out of his division to fight for another championship. In this case, the interim Champion must defend his interim title against the Champion if the Champion who vacated his Title due to disability is medically able and prepared to compete for the Championship within 180 days of the Interim Championship. If an interim Championship is held due to a Champion’s inactivity, the Champion must defend his title against the Interim Champion within 120 days of the interim Championship, or the Interim Champion shall become Champion.”

Accordingly, the WBO World Championship Committee asks that you provide the Committee with Interim Certification, including your physician’s complete Psychological and/or Mental evaluation and diagnosis of your condition, your prognosis for recovery, and your expected return to competition. We ask that your Interim Certification include an opinion from your physician whether it is more likely than not that you will be able to recover from your disability and retrain to a competitive condition within 180 days of the onset of your condition.

We would appreciate it that the physician specifically clarifies your condition’s nature and the extent and prognosis for returning to training and your return to competition. If the Championship Committee does not receive the complete requested information, i.e., the Interim Certification, together with the Psychological and/or Mental Evaluation, within the allotted time frame of ten (10) days, the Committee will proceed with the necessary, appropriate action without the benefit of an appeal.

The WBO wishes you the best good fortune on a prompt and speedy recovery. We looked forward to your prompt response to assist your Committee in reaching the fairest decision for you, the top contenders in the Heavyweight Division, and your future return to complete your World Championship career.

Yours truly,

Luis Batista-Salas, Esq.
Chairman – WBO Championship Committee

c/c Bob Mitchell John Hornewer / Francisco Valcarcel, Esq.