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Home » Tyson Fury labelled ‘hypocrite’ by fans over past David Haye jibes

Tyson Fury labelled ‘hypocrite’ by fans over past David Haye jibes

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After pulling out of a fight with Wladimir Klitschko for the second time on Friday, Tyson Fury has faced the wrath of the fans following his past criticism of David Haye.

Haye canceled three fights before an extended period out of the sport with injury, the last of which was against Fury, and the Londoner was roundly accused of being a serial runner from facing tough opposition.

The tables seemingly turned on three-belt world heavyweight champion Fury over the weekend as angry punters took to social media to give the 27-year-old a piece of their mind over another disappointment.

“Tyson Fury is a hypocrite. No different to David Haye pulling out of two fights,” said one.

Another added: “@mrdavidhaye must be lol over @Tyson_Fury given the stick he gave him for pulling out when injured! Hopefully, Haye will now get a shot!”

A third stated: “Tyson fury is an embarrassment.. doing the very thing he’s called David Haye a coward for years for.. he must be scared himself.”

Fury’s reputation could now be permanently damaged beyond repair after the Klitschko rematch was scrapped again, having already delayed the fight from the summer with an ankle injury.

Tickets have been purchased and re-purchased, hotels booked, and travel plans made by fans for up to six months, only for Fury to nullify them all yet again, to the fan’s disappointment.

The signs were all there that something wasn’t right at the recent press conference when Fury failed to show up and cited three or four excuses, but the man you must feel for most is Klitschko himself.

At 41, and with his time in the sport coming to an end, the Ukrainian boxing legend has lost a year of his career and should be able to fight for the vacant titles if the organizations involved do the right thing by him.

The whole debacle has left a sour taste in everyone’s mouths and cost Fury a heap of previously staunch supporters who no longer have faith in his ability to follow through with promises to fight.

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