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Home » Exclusive: GGG trainer Sanchez believes De La Hoya will make Canelo agreement impossible

Exclusive: GGG trainer Sanchez believes De La Hoya will make Canelo agreement impossible

A fight between the two champions is at the top of most fans wanted lists and has a tentative date of September 2017 pencilled in for the clash, according to Canelo’s promoter and CEO of Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya.

Canelo’s win over Liam Smith last weekend, which thanks to a hand injury could be his last at 154 pounds, was followed by De La Hoya revealing an offer ‘two or three times’ what ‘GGG’ has made in his career before – later scoffed at by Sanchez.

The Big Bear trainer, who has overseen Golovkin’s vast rise to a P4P contender, says De La Hoya could be playing games to make himself and Canelo seem like the instigators of a deal, something which Sanchez says may only serve to hamper it.

“I see Oscar making it impossible to come to an agreement for Canelo v Golovkin,” Sanchez exclusively told World Boxing News.

“In reality, Oscar needs Canelo to make his company. Well, that’s before he gets beat by GGG and after the debacle and raping of Golden Boy by the previous regime.

“As far as we know, Tom and Golden Boy are negotiating in private and it is very unbusinesslike to let social media judge what two men are willing to work for. It (the offer) may well be more than GGG has made, but also, Canelo and his team have to understand that Gennady is the only fighter that Canelo can face to make the spectacle of the event a PPV success.”

Asked about a potential mandated fight with Danny Jacobs in December and the possibility of Golokvin moving up instead of facing Canelo in 2017, Sanchez added: “I think Jacobs is viewed as the only fighter with the tools and skill to derail the GGG success, so I hope it gets made, personally.

“On moving up, I do see GGG doing that but I’m not sure when. Maybe once he meets his goals at 160 and yes, probably soon,” he concluded.