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Mayweather’s ‘Titans of the Trade Breakfast of Champions’ round-up

Another memorable Titans of the Trade Breakfast of Champions is in the books as the seventh installment of the Mayweather Promotions’ ceremony which took place on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Tom Colicchios Craftsteak inside The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

This year’s event resulted in a morning of excellence, regarded as the most influential to date, surrounded by powerful and accomplished women in the sports industry.

Honorees included the first African American VP in MLB history Marian Rhodes, Premier Boxing Champions President of Boxing Operations Sylvia Browne-Owens, Boxing’s WBC World Champion Alicia Ashley, and a newly added Young Trailblazer Award category recipients: the young and talented group of 6 siblings ages 8-18; The Finest Family, and record-setting high-jump phenomenon Vashti Cunningham.

For the second year in a row, the breakfast was hosted by HBO’s ‘Ballers’ star Jazmyn Simon who opened the ceremony with her story on how she withstood the trials of all the hard work put into auditions and the “no’s” that came along with them before going to snag a starring role in HBO’s #1 rated 30-minute comedy series.

The Finest Family opened up the stage by receiving the first ever Young Trailblazers Award. The award was added to the program this year, to celebrate the young achievers in the sports & entertainment industry. The Finest Family showed us what unity and perseverance can bring.


“We were once homeless, all we want to do is give back and let the families know to push hard. Now here we are accepting an award from Mayweather Promotions, who truly believes in our family. This award is dedicated to our parents, we would not be here accepting this Young Trailblazer award if it wasn’t for them.

“We fight the same battles as everyone else, we fight together as a family, and we fight to win. To motivate kids around the world to stay off the streets, and that we will not stop.”

Following a heartfelt speech, was boxing’s own Alicia Ashley who was honored with the Golden Glove Award, for her achievements in boxing and business accomplishments post-career. Ashley made history when she won the WCB super bantamweight title, becoming the oldest female champion at the age of 48.

“This was a great event, receiving such an amazing award among such amazing people, I am honored to be here with such strong women and to be The 2016 Golden Glove recipient!”
Marian Rhodes took the stage to receive The Titan of the Trade award, with her moving speech, and reminder to everyone that change is necessary.

“Al Campanis once said, African Americans could not hold positions in the front offices in baseball, most people would have saw that as a statement. I saw that as an opportunity. It was an opportunity to show how I was raised, how I was prepared in school growing up, who my parents were and taught me to be. That this is not about my race.

“Now, I stand here proud to be the highest ranking African American woman in baseball, to have become the first African American Vice President at the St. Louis Cardinals organization back in 1994 (for a team who existed since 1881), and currently holding the highest position in MLB Human Resources, with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am a Titan of the Trade!


Closing the ceremony of great exemplary recipients was Sylvia Browne-Owens who accepted The Meritorious Award, for her fearlessness and accomplishments, in the male dominated boxing industry.

“I want to thank Mayweather Promotions, I am humbled and honored to accept such a prestigious award. I am proud to be among such powerful women in this industry.

“I was put in a position where I would become someone, one day. I was put behind Al Haymon who was the best at what he did. I was molded to not take no as an answer and to work hard. Never put limits on what you can accomplish.”

This year’s ceremony brought unity amongst those in attendance. Each person was moved by these inspiring figures, and touched by their journey in becoming a Titan!