Hobson accuses Etches, Taylor of avoiding Sheffield rival Sheedy

Hobson 21/09/2016

With Sam Sheedy in line to face the winner between Chris Eubank Jr and Tommy Langford, before Eubank recently withdrew from their October 22nd British middleweight title fight; Dennis Hobson has revealed he would – while the Eubank/Langford situation gets resolved – still like to set up a contest to settle middleweight bragging rights in Sheffield.

Sheedy, along with Adam Etches and Lewis Taylor, are all flying the flag for the Steel City in the 11st 6lbs division but Hobson says a contest involving Sheedy to see who is the best of the three would be a great night for Sheffield boxing.

‘Speedy’ Sheedy, 17-1 (4), recently beat Andrew Robinson to put himself in line for a crack at Lonsdale Belt and Commonwealth honours. While Etches, 20-1 (17), and Taylor, 18-2-1 (3), are both chasing similar goals. Hobson says matching the three would make boxing sense, but doesn’t believe Taylor or Etches are confident of beating Sheedy.

“I offered the Sam Sheedy fight to Lewis Taylor but it looks like he wants to knock the fight back. Both Lewis and Adam Etches are big names locally but they are both avoiding Sam. I’m disappointed with the situation, especially in Lewis, because I thought he’d have stepped up to the plate but he thinks he’s going to go in a different direction. I could have got them [Taylor and Etches] a world ranking if they’d have been confident of beating Sheedy.

“So I’m disappointed Lewis didn’t want to take the Sheedy fight, and we know that Adam Etches has been running away from facing both Sheedy and Taylor for a while now. I honestly think this would have been the best route for both Lewis and Adam. It would be a great derby fight, we’d do it for a title and decent money, and we’d see who the best middleweight in Sheffield is.

“We’re looking to get Sam a world ranking. He’s due to fight for the Commonwealth title and we were hoping he’d get to fight the winner of Eubank and Langford, but while we’re waiting for that situation to be resolved, a fight with either Etches or Lewis would make sense, for all three.”

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