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Home » Exclusive: Anthony Fowler weighing up pro move, talks Mick Conlan to Top Rank

Exclusive: Anthony Fowler weighing up pro move, talks Mick Conlan to Top Rank

The 25 year-old was ousted by Zhanilek Alimkhanuly of Kazakhstan in the Round of 32 at Rio, leaving Fowler’s dream of a medal in tatters, but by default, opening the door to a possible move into the paid ranks.

Fowler has long been championed as one of the top amateurs in the UK, and as rumours swirl that he’s ready to ditch the vest, the fighter himself is patiently awaiting the right opportunity to reveal his next move.

“I’m just taking my time and having a bit of time off at the minute,” Fowler exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’ve got a good team around me. I’m going to weigh everything up and have a chat with the right people before making a decision.

“I expect to know by the end of the year, but eventually I will turn pro. It’s just a matter of when.

“We were signed up for Rio so we know nothing can stand in our way if we get the right offer, so I’m just going to see if that happens for me but I do expect something good to come along.”

Mick Conlan, like Fowler – a pre-tournament favourite for a medal in the summer, has announced his intention to sign with US-based promoters Top Rank having been hampered in his quest for gold by some highly debatable officiating.

A World and European gold medallist, Conlan is tipped for big things in the coming years and Fowler believes the accolades the Irishman is earning, along with a considerable income boost, are completely justified.

“Mick is one of the most talented fighters I’ve seen. He’s got everything to be a big star and a future world champion. It’s a good signing by Top Rank and I expect him to go a long way,” he predicted.

“The decision against him in the Olympics was a joke, but it’s nothing new. It’s been going on for years and we’ve seen it many times before.

“I believe it’s all behind him now and he can look to the future and make a name for himself in America,” added Fowler.