A look inside Bradley Welsh’s Edinburgh gym

Chris Glover 20/09/2016

Edinburgh’s Bradley Welsh is still a mainstay on the Edinburgh boxing scene, and his Holyrood gym is generally seen to be Edinburgh’s busiest gym.

I recently visited the gym myself to see the setup that Bradley has created in the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh. The gym boasts over 100 clientele a day, and a very loyal membership that has grown out of the Holyrood gym for the past decade. The gym itself has a family atmosphere; everybody knows each other and everybody is there to help each other reach their own specific goals.

Bradley’s style of coaching has been openly copied by many others in the Central Scotland area and the 1993 ABA Lightweight Champion opened up on what boxing means to him and why he does what he does in the gymnasium.

“Boxing is an empowering sport. It’s not just a sport it’s something that can empower you to improve your life. That’s what I want to see. The lads and lassies who come in the gym use boxing to improve their lives.”

“Everybody is treated equally at Holyrood, from the kids coming in for the first time to the senior boxers who have had over 40 bouts. There are no favourites and everybody is given the same amount of time from all the coaches.”

Holyrood also is the headquarters of the Amateur Boxing Association of Scotland, which Welsh set up to provide clubs and fighters a viable alternative to the traditional Boxing Scotland under the right circumstances.

“ABAS was not set up to compete with Boxing Scotland it was set up to help the fighters in Scotland. Nobody owns boxing. ABAS is amateur boxing, its amateur boxing all the way through to the insurance which clearly states ‘Amateur Boxing’ on them!”

“I think Boxing Scotland do a fantastic job at developing talent in Scotland however it can be argued there aren’t enough shows for boxers to fight on. This may be down to the lack of officials.”

“ABAS have put on some of the biggest amateur boxing events in Europe and we will continue to do so. Our next event is at Portobello Town Hall in Edinburgh on October 1 and will see the cream of the ABAS compete for titles in their own respective weight classes.”

The immensely talented former professional who boxed on the famous St Andrew’s Sporting Club as well as boxing stateside signed off by telling me his vision for boxing in Scotland and closer to home in his gymnasium.

“I want to see the lads and lassies who come into our gym succeed not just in boxing but in life. We attempted to create a platform for those lads and lassies to succeed in whatever they wish to do in life.”

“Nobody owns boxing, it’s a sport for everyone at every level and I along with the team here want to help continue to grow a platform that produces results; so the people who come into our gym can achieve their own respective goals.”

More information about Holyrood Boxing Gym and Amateur Boxing Association Scotland can be found on Twitter.com/HolyroodBoxing

More exciting news for the people of Edinburgh will be released soon from Holyrood HQ!

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