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Home » Eddie Hearn blasts Chris Eubank Senior, fears for Junior’s career

Eddie Hearn blasts Chris Eubank Senior, fears for Junior’s career

Hearn has worked with the Eubank’s on several occasions over the past couple of years and was central in his bid to secure a shot at world middleweight king Gennady Golovkin for Chris Jr. this year.

Several weeks of negotiation ended with Eubank stalling on signing the ‘GGG’ contract, leaving welterweight champion Kell Brook to step in and eventually lose out to Golovkin in five rounds.

Reflecting on events leading up Golovkin v Brook following a successful show, Hearn expressed his disappointment about the way the Eubank’s spoke out in the wake of a first career defeat for Brook.

“For those who didn’t have the cojones to step up, the Eubanks’ still had plenty to say,” Hearn said in his Daily Mail column this week.

“Listening to them, I’m just shaking my head. I have been really disappointed and, at times, disgusted by the lack of respect from the Eubanks following Kell’s defeat.

“You have Junior making some point in a tweet that he didn’t own a towel, and you have Senior saying that damage is good. Those are very misguided and alarming things to say. Eubank Senior only has to revisit his own career experiences to know better.

“With Senior, I cannot work him out at all, and I can’t help feeling he is just leading his son down the wrong path. They talk a lot and make it sound like they are playing all the right moves in one big chess game.

“As I see it, they have led themselves away from a fight worth millions with Golovkin, and Junior will now fight on October 22 for a fraction of that sum on an undercard in Cardiff.

“Fight fans are not stupid, regardless of what Eubank Senior would have them believe. The truth is Senior is well out of his league, and you have to fear for Junior’s career right now.”

Junior is set to fight on a Frank Warren bill in October despite still having one fight left on his deal with Hearn, but it remains to be seen whether the current British title-holder will be welcomed back to fulfill his contract in the future.

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