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Home » Exclusive: Kenzie Morrison talks Arkansas move, plans to commute for Wild Card sparring

Exclusive: Kenzie Morrison talks Arkansas move, plans to commute for Wild Card sparring

The 26 year-old, who has stopped eight of his nine victories with one draw, is aiming to impress against Aaron Chambers on his return to Oklahoma following a much-needed move away.

As TV networks begin to show interest in the pair, Morrison has the opportunity to impress executives making the trip but won’t put any undue pressure on himself beforehand.

“I’m just taking it a fight at a time,” Morrison exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I recently just moved from Oklahoma to Arkansas and I’m with a different trainer than I was for the past year. I’m definitely just taking it one step at a time and trying to evolve into a complete fighter.

“I have a little boy and a fiancé that I have been with for six years now but when we were in Tulsa it was a bad area for me to be leaving for periods of time.

“Right now, I’m hoping to get a couple more fights under my belt as I just had my first six round fight last time so if I can get a couple more of those under my belt I can maybe jump on one of these ShoBox cards that are coming to Oklahoma and get a little exposure myself. I’m here to step up in competition a little bit and just see where it takes me.”

As Morrison trains in Arkansas, Trey is currently working hard in Los Angeles at the world famous Wild Card Gym headed by trainer Freddie Roach and Kenzie says he will make regular trips to be with his elder sibling.

“I was training with Trey out in Los Angeles before and that’s part of the reason why I made a move to a smaller town in Arkansas, right next to a big city,” Kenzie explained.

“My cousin actually owns a gym here and he’s been training for 17 years. He’s my dad’s (Tommy Morrison, former world champion) nephew so I plan on training out at the Wild Card and making trips back and forth. I aim to commute for two or three weeks at a time for sparring and kind of use Arkansas as a base camp to be here and close to family close to my family.

“There’s no substitute for world-class sparring so I’ll just travel out there as much as a can because you just can’t find that in the mid-west anywhere,” he added.

Morrison is part of a nine-fight card which includes Trey facing undefeated Ed Latimore, light-heavyweight Travis Peterkin, unbeaten welterweight Ivan Golub and Buffalo Run regular Dillon Cook.