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Exclusive: Saunders sets sights on the winner of Golovkin v Brook

Golovkin’s fight with Kell Brook represents a sixteenth world title fight in a row for the 34 year-old, who has won all by knockout, not to mention the six bouts before ‘GGG’ claimed his first world championship in 2010.

As the only other man in the division with a recognised belt, Saunders hopes to begin negotiations with the victor head of his own return on the Tyson Fury v Wladimir Klitschko undercard next month.

Saunders was offered the chance to be Golovkin’s opponent until later Chris Eubank Jr. held talks and eventually Brook reached an agreement, although the 27 year-old believes the fight would be much more lucrative on the back of a UK debut for the Kazakh puncher.

“I was offered the Golovkin fight and said, ‘yes’ – but then they came to me with an offer and I said, ‘no’ because it wasn’t enough,” Saunders exclusively told World Boxing News.

“At the end of the day, the fight has to be worth it but I definitely want the winner of Golovkin v Brook. I’ve got a fight coming up, but I want the winner of that as we are the only ones with the belts. I’m hearing good things about future fights anyway so I’m happy.”

A fight with Canelo had been rumoured for December, although Saunders fighting on October 26 seems to have ended any hopes of that fight happening in 2016.

Asked theoretically which fight he would choose if Canelo or the winner of Golovkin v Brook were presented to him with firm offers, Saunders said: “Canelo is supposed to be moving up in May next year, but for now, whoever wins the Golovkin v Brook fight is who I want,” he stated before outlining that a shock Brook victory wouldn’t necessarily mean the brakes are put on a unification due to hostilities between Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn.

“My management at MGM have got a good relationship with Frank and Eddie, so if Brook wins that would be a massive fight for both of us and for the British fans. It’s one that I believe can be made soon if he gets past Golovkin.

“If Golovkin wins, hopefully, we can also make that in the UK but that’s what I want so let’s see what happens on Saturday night,” Saunders said.