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Home » Abel Sanchez brands Kell Brook ‘a ten-week scientific experiment’

Abel Sanchez brands Kell Brook ‘a ten-week scientific experiment’

Brook moves up 13 pounds in weight using meticulously observed methods to control his weight, although Sanchez believes ‘The Special One’ may be nothing more than a controlled trial to see if sports biologists can turn a welterweight into a fully-fledged 160 pounder.

“We took on the task of trying to develop an attraction that would be worthy of all this attention and I think we’re close,” said Sanchez at Thursday’s final press conference.

“On Saturday night, Kell Brook will discover – well brutally discover, that it takes more than a ten-week scientific experiment to topple Gennady Golovkin.”

Dominic Ingle, the coach of Brook, stated to Fraser Dainton of Sky Sports News HQ that the move had been, ‘more like two years in the making’ as well as predicting Golovkin and Sanchez may have underestimated the challenger.

During his turn to speak at the media gathering, Brook admitted to being scared of the task in front of him, although when asked if he felt the same, Golovkin simply said: “This is boxing. No, I’m not scared.”

Golovkin is an overwhelming favourite to stop Brook this Saturday night, with bookies handed out odds of around 2/7 on for the fight not to go the full twelve rounds.

Brook is a shortest priced 4/1 against and has the arduous task of attempting to half the Kazakh puncher’s 22-straight knockout streak at the O2 Arena.