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World title shot next up for Lucas Browne following WBA resolution

In a document released on Tuesday (September 6), the world sanctioning body stated that Browne will be reinstated in its top five rankings and has ordered that he face leading contender Fres Oquendo for the vacant WBA heavyweight title within 120 days.

The WBA ruled that it was “unlikely Browne intentionally or voluntarily ingested clenbuterol in a single dose in the days leading up to the bout as the amount would not have gained any advantage”.

It also highlighted the fact that Browne had agreed to testing administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) on February 8 and passed an unscheduled test on February 29 – just five days before the fight.

The past six months have been very stressful for Browne, his team and his family. What should have served as a historic moment in Australian boxing became tarred by the claim that Browne is not a clean athlete.

Hatton Promotions would like to thank Browne for his professionalism during the fight to clear his name. We would also like to thank his legal team and advisers for their work and the WBA for reaching the resolution they have now done.

Due to the nature of Browne’s case, Hatton Promotions has not been in a position to make clear statements about the heavyweight’s future. However, this resolution now means it is back to business as usual and Ricky Hatton is looking forward to setting up Lucas’s shot at the vacant title.