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Home » Rosado: Brook could hang with GGG for a couple rounds before KO

Rosado: Brook could hang with GGG for a couple rounds before KO

Rosado, 30, went down in seven rounds when pitted against Golovkin in January 2013 and gave Brook a couple of rounds to make his mark before ‘GGG’ ends the fight with a knockout.

“I think just the match-up, maybe Brook will box him for a couple of rounds before he gets knocked out. But I mean it’s a welterweight fighting a middleweight, so I don’t think — I mean, skill-wise Brook could hang with him, but this is the reason they make weight classes,” said Rosado.

“I mean Kell Brook is an awesome boxer and boxing is a cerebral sport. It’s 99.9 mental and .1 physical. And Brook has the experience and knows how to put it together.

“So mentally if he can neutralize Golovkin’s power and relentlessness, then it’s a fight he can win. I’ll never count any man out, because like I said, boxing is 99.9% mental and .1 physical.”

Another man who made it to the mid-rounds with Golovkin, Willie Monroe Jr. didn’t go as far as making a prediction for the fight but just wanted Brook to get the credit he deserves for stepping up.

“I think you’ve got to give props to Kell Brook for taking on a monster like Triple G. I think it’s definitely a daring move,” said Monroe Jr.

“I’m a big believer in step big, win big. So it will be good for Kell Brook either way. But we’ve got to understand also that boxing isn’t what it was yesterday. It’s not what it’s going to be tomorrow. They just have to enjoy what you have in front of you. These are the type of fights that people may complain about or have bad things to say about now, and 15 years from now they’ll talk about how great it was.

“So instead of waiting for 15 years from now and look back and say, damn, that was a great opportunity. Again things have to step up, so go ahead and give him his props now,” he added.