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Home » David Coldwell comments on mixed weekend at Doncaster Dome

David Coldwell comments on mixed weekend at Doncaster Dome

Lee Appleyard fell short when challenging for the vacant central area featherweight title when he was halted in the sixth session by Chris Conwell but there was joy for Josh Morgan who claimed regional honours with a points victory against Steven Hale at super lightweight.

“The Appleyard result prevented it from being the perfect weekend and it was quite frustrating as it was a fight that Lee could’ve certainly won. He was doing really well up until the point he got caught and that’s when we started to see some mistakes from him. With a little bit more experience and savvy to his game then Lee could’ve used his brain to survive rather than trying to fight his way out of it. That’s the biggest mistake he made and it’s a shame because he was made to pay for it. He boxed well for long periods and I do think he can take some positives from the fight but he’s hurting now and he’s going to have to pick himself up and come back from it.”

On Morgan, Coldwell added, “It was rewarding to see Josh get the verdict because this a kid who’s had it tough. Seeing him get the result that all his hard work and persistence deserves is rewarding for me as a manager so god only knows how Josh feels. He’s in a position where he has something to defend and he’s able to tell everyone he was a champion and that’s means to world to him and also means a lot to me. He’s a good kid and I’m so happy for him.”