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Lauren, Svensson row over ring entrances for Saturday

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With only days to go until the Swedish rivals square off, Laurén has demanded to enter the ring second, leaving promoter Nisse Sauerland in a difficult position.

‘’In boxing it’s customary for the Champion or the home fighter to enter the ring second,’’ says Sauerland. ‘’However, since Mikaela and Klara are fighting for a vacant title, and they are both from Sweden and boxing under the Team Sauerland banner, we must find a solution which suits everyone.’’

Less diplomatic in their reasoning are the fighters. In particular, Laurén, who is adamant that she should receive a Champion’s welcome to her hometown arena.

‘’Absolutely, I should walk second,’’ said Laurén. ‘’There is no question about it. I’m a World Champion, and Stockholm is my hometown. I’ve told my promoter that I expect to enter the ring second, and I won’t accept anything else.’’ And what if her demands are not met? ‘’I don’t think that will be a problem,’’ she says. ‘’I always get what I want!’’

Svensson is unimpressed with Laurén’s demand, and insists it will not help her in the ring. ‘’This is just another example of Mikaela trying to get everything her own way,’’ she says. ‘’But come fight night, it’s not going to help her.’’

But why the importance on who enters the ring second?

‘’It can be a psychological or superstitious thing,’’ explains Sauerland. ‘’The belief that it will give you an edge over your opponent before the fight has even begun. Ego also plays a part, who is the A-side and who deserves top billing. Plus there is no denying that the ring can be lonely place for the fighter that walks first, and nerves can kick in while they wait for their opponent to make their entrance.’’

With the dispute threatening to overshadow this week’s media activities, Sauerland has said he will reach a resolution at tomorrow’s press conference. Until then, we will wait to see who wins the first battle between Laurén and Svensson.

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