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International Championship Boxing League to begin this month

The ICBL is the world’s first competitive league for boxing. In this unique multi-weight-class league structure, boxers from around the world must “fight to win” in order to earn the league title.

Created to revolutionize the sport for fans and athletes, the ICBL will bring boxers from around the world to compete, gladiatorial style, in a relentless season of competition where fans influence the action. ICBL fans will be intensely involved, via the soon to be unveiled ICBL parallel judging platform.

“This has never been done before in boxing,” said ICBL Founder and CEO Jack Perone Fulton. “This is the new way the world will come to know the names of the greatest boxers alive, and anyone who thinks they can be one has a fighting chance.”

Over the next six months, fighters from select weight classes will be selected for the ICBL, based on criteria including career record, impressive performance in an ICBL Open Event, and fan demand. “Fans have a voice at the ICBL and the league’s structure gives promoters and managers an alternative for their athletes,” continued Fulton.

Additionally, fighters with accomplished records can be awarded a “Franchise Tag” by simply logging on to and applying. Upon approval, the Franchise Tag allows a fighter to opt in, or opt out of the League at the beginning of each season depending on what immediate opportunities lie ahead for them. Franchise tags will be awarded to fighters based on their overall body of work.

Each ICBL season will feature four pre-determined weight classes, featuring eight international boxers, per class, in a single-elimination tournament format. The winner of each weight class will receive the League title for that class and the season ending points standing determines the pound for pound championship.

“Without question, a uniformed professional boxing league is what fighters and fans have wanted for years,” said Fulton.

2016 ICBL Open Bouts will be broadcast on PPV, CBS Sports Network, and foreign broadcast networks. Event highlights, fighter interviews and other behind-the-scenes content will be posted online at