WBC issue final Clean Boxing Program notice to fighters

The WBC / VADA Clean Boxing Program deadline is approaching as September 9 is the final date for this mandatory rule by all WBC champions and top 15 rated fighters.

Enrollment is very simple and only needs the following documents to be filled and submitted to info@vada-testing.org.

This out of competition random testing has absolutely no cost to any fighter, manager or promoter.

A random generator will select eligible fighters to be tested throughout the year.

The WBC is responsible to follow the protocol whenever an adverse findingnon-compliancee happens and each case will be treated independently through due process.

If you are an eligible boxer and you have a problem we will help you; if you have concerns abut anything, we will solve it, but if you do not want to enroll for whatever reason then you will not be eligible to compete for the WBC and will have to be removed from the WBC ratings.

Any fighter not registered by the deadline will lose its WBC status and will be removed from the rankings.

Let’s make boxing better and safer together.