WBA explain reason for removing title from Golovkin v Brook

The World Championships Committee of the World Boxing Association decided by vote to approve a special permit for WBA middleweight super champion Gennady Glolovkin to fight Kell Brook, but the black and gold 160 pound belt will not be at stake for the confrontation.

The Committee’s decision is that Brook has to move up two weight classes to fight “GGG” and that could be detrimental to the health of the boxer, taking into account that will face one of the best pound for pound boxers of the time who has great knockout power.

“What I most regret is that there are no boxers at 160 pounds who have the will to fight against ‘GGG’ and Brook have to go up two divisions to fight against him (Golovkin), ” said Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, President of the WBA.

Golovkin has been WBA champion since 2010 when he defeated Nilson Julio Tapia by knockout in the third round and so far has 15 defenses. All have been achieved by way of knockout which shows the great punching power and reflects his immaculate record of 35 wins, 32 of them on the fast track.

This permission was granted at the request of the interested party. However, the teams were notified when Gennady Golovkin and Daniel Jacobs won their respective bouts in September. the first against Kell Brook and the second against Sergio Mora, must negotiate a contest between them.

The first fight against Kell Brook and the second is against Sergio Mora, after which negotiations for a contest between them must begin.