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Svensson vows to outbox Lauren on September 10

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Following the fight’s announcement, Svensson was branded a ‘school teacher’ by Laurén during a bad tempered television appearance on SVT’s ‘Gomorron Sverige’, but now the Malmö-boxer has hit back by promising to give Laurén a boxing lesson.

‘’I’m not sure what she meant by calling me a school teacher,’’ says Svensson. ‘’Maybe it’s because I criticised her for disrespecting her opponents, but if that makes me a school teacher, then so be it. I’m not going to suck up to her like everyone else. I’m going to tell her what I think, and on September 10, I’m going to give her a boxing lesson!

‘’I think a lot of people want to see that happen. Of course, I have my home support in South Sweden, but I was in Stockholm recently and I was surprised with how much support I got there as well. I’m not sure if Mikaela is aware of this, but there are a lot of people who want to see me break this image she has created for herself.’’

Svensson is moving up to 147lbs to face the former WBC Super Welterweight Champion Laurén and it’s a decision she believes will benefit her in the ring.

‘’I’ve always had the speed and technical ability but at welterweight I’ve never felt so strong,’’ she says. ‘’I hadn’t planned to move up as I was always comfortable in my own weight category but looking now at my physical ability and punching power, I can see that it was a good idea.

‘’I think Mikaela will be shocked by my strength, and when I combine this with my speed and technique, she is not going to know what to do. I can box, I can brawl, I can fight from range and I can fight up close. I’ve had over one hundred amateur fights. Boxing is in my blood and I know what I have to do to win.’’

Tickets for the interim WBC Female World Welterweight Championship fight between Mikaela Lauren and Klara Svensson on September 10 at the Hovet are available online via and or by calling 0771-31 00 00.

All the action will be available to watch live and exclusive in Scandinavia on Viaplay Fighting. For more information please visit .