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Mauricio Sulaiman interviews Sylvester Stallone

Interviewed by World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman, Sylvester explained he was the worst student in the World, attending twelve schools and day dreaming.

First he built up his body, but then on moving to New York, he read voraciously, bought a pen, and started to write. It remains his favorite gadget, and what feeds his family. His first attempts at penmanship were put to the sword, but he mightily persisted, and the idea of Rocky was born.

Sylvester explains it was fighter Rocky’s fate to take on Great boxers, but never be a be a classic stylist himself.

The pivotal character of the story, was his Wife and the love of his life Adrian. Once he started thinking of others, especially his family, he was inspired to conquer the World. Sylvester suggests there’s a bit Rocky in all of us.

Sylvester told the audience: “when you’re young you’re very brave and you feel like you’re going to live forever, and you’re just willing to take that chance. Never quit, because you would always regret it.”

Rocky is a symbol of endeavor. The underdog refusing to be overcome, defeated or extinguished and trying…to triumph: ” It’s about life. Every one of you is going to get knocked down ten times more than you will be able to get up. But you only have to get up one time and that means you’ve survived life”

Don Carlos Slim came on to the stage holding Sylvester’s arm aloft wit the prophetic words: “Thank you for caring about young people. Rocky inspires us not to give up, but to work, work and work.”