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Home » One year on from being shot, Manuel Charr lands title chance

One year on from being shot, Manuel Charr lands title chance

On September 17, the “Diamond Boy” fights in Göppingen for the WBA International Championship belt. His opponent is the unbeaten Saarländer Senad Gashi.

“I’m incredibly happy and proud that I am fit enough again for such a big challenge,” says Charr. “I have trained very hard in recent weeks and months and look forward to September 17 to getting in the ring. I want my fans and all people to show that you can achieve anything if you think only of themselves.

“I thank all those who have believed in me and supported me, especially my manager Christian and my fitness coach Jopo Pötchger (sponsor Easymotionskin), Rainier Bülent Baser and promoter Erol Ceylan, without which it would not have been possible. A year ago, I almost died, I now box again to be high in the world rankings. “

For his latest attack on the top of the rankings, the former Klitschko opponent has picked a very hard nut to crack as his opponent. 

“I have known Manuel Charr a long time and have followed his path,” says the 26-year-old Senad Gashi. “Of course, I’ve noticed also the matter of the gunshot wound. It’s amazing how he has fought back so I respect him. But he can expect from me no pity. I’m undefeated, and will remain so. For me, this is a tremendous opportunity to create an international breakthrough. And this chance I will take.”

The WBA title fight between Charr and Gashi is another highlight of the high-class occupied boxing event in Göppingen, where among other things, former world champion and local hero Firat Arslan (against Nuri Seferi) and former world title challenger Karo Murat (against Yevgeni Makhteienko ) rise to international title bouts in the ring.