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‘Irish’ Cam O’Connell aims to remain undefeated on Sept 9

Recently, Mr. O’Connell took a moment to answer a few questions for the press.

On training camp:

“Training camp for me and my team has been perfect. Its been a lot of hard work as always, but I feel better and more prepared for this fight than any of my previous fights. I am always fighting an injury of some sort and this camp has been flawless. I’ve had no injuries to work around. My camp has lined up with the camps of several very talented local fighters, making it possible for me to get some great sparring. My timing has never been this good and I feel amazing coming into this bout.”

On Kalucza’s Olympic experience:

“I have certainly taken Kalucza’s Olympic experience seriously during training camp and factored it into my regimen. This whole camp has been tailored to him. His resume, on the other hand, doesn’t bother us. We train to fight the best in the world. On my way up I’m going to meet tough, experienced opponents. It’s the only way to advance in this sport.”

On fighting six times in just over a year:

“Six fights in a year, eh? It sounds like I’ve been busy, but I want even more. I love this. I love boxing. I love training. I love showing the kids down at the gym that hard work amounts to something. I am fighting towards being the best I can be. I want to look back at this trip in my old age and think to myself, “I gave it my all and I made it.” What’s the payoff for me? I am already being paid, with great fans that support the efforts I put in. I’m also able to be a role model to a bunch of kids. I have experiences I can share with them, both good and bad, and I love that I am able to help shape the youth we have at the club and in the community. I feel I can help them become better for themselves and for society”

On fighting in his home province:

“I do consider the Edmonton fight scene and fans part of my home now. They have accepted that I reside in Red Deer and I feel and hear them on my side during the fights. They are the best here in Edmonton. I feed off of the energy the crowd brings, but I would still do my job elsewhere. Even if I wasn’t a favorite, I am doing what I love and no one is going to prevent me and my team coming out and doing what we do. Familiarity with this venue is nice, but I get my edge from my great team. We have peaked and I feel on September 9 no one in the world could beat me.”

On family, Team Camo, and local sponsorship:

“I have been supported loyally by Rob’s Pro Muscle and Tanning, X-Static Night Club, and Versa-Line Services. I couldn’t be more thankful for them being behind me this whole journey. My team has always supported me. I’ve got some of the best coaches out there in Doug Bolianatz, Robert Carswell, and Roman Rzepkowski. And most of all, I have been supported by my family through all the trials and tribulations. All of them have never swayed from being the best family I could ask for. My wife Tiffany O’Connell not only has been taking care of our beautiful daughter Jayla while I have been training, but also pushes me out of bed to get in every training session I am scheduled to complete. I guess where I am going with this is, with all of this behind me, no amount of experience could matter come September 9.”

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