Trainer Barry gives Parker training update for Dimitrenko

WBN 30/08/2016

Joseph Parker’s coach Kevin Barry has commented on how training is going for the New Zealander’s return to action on October 1.

Parker, the IBF’s number one contender, faces Alexander Dimitrenko in what could be a dress rehearsal for a shot at UK puncher Anthony Joshua.

Below is what Barry had to say:

“For the Alexander Dimitrenko fight, we’ve put together a very strong team of sparring partners, with a solid combination of size, power, long reach, and speed. I’ve got a 6’8” Romanian fighter with 20 professional fights, over 300 amateur fights, who brings a lot of power, a lot of strength, very long arms… (vision supplied) a 6’7” former World kickboxing champion who is undefeated as a professional boxer, and I have an undefeated cruiserweight whose 6’6.5” who I bring in at the end of the sparring sessions, who throws more punches than any heavyweight. So it’s a very good combination that we’re getting some terrific results with”.

“To date, Joe has sparred 40 rounds of sparring, we’ve got three weeks left here in Las Vegas before travelling down to New Zealand. I would expect Joe to spar 60 rounds over the next three weeks so we will have 100 rounds of work, the sparring usually starts with the big 6’8” heavyweight, I bring in the 6’7” and finish with my cruiserweight. It’s a combination that’s been working very well for us in sparring”.

“For the Dimitrenko fight, it’s going to be very important Joe uses his speed, it’s very important he’s going to get in, double and triple jab his way in, work away to the body on the big man, and then get out off angles. We don’t want to be caught going straight back, and we don’t want to be caught finishing punching and staying inside the reach of Dimitrenko. Something we’ve worked on hard is getting in, getting out, and punching off the angle”.