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Hussein: Lauren one hundred times more superior than Svensson

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The London-based coach is the latest addition to Lauren’s training team and proved instrumental in overseeing the Stockholm-fighter’s three-round destruction of former welterweight World Champion Ivana Habazin at the Hovet in April.

In preparation for her blockbuster clash with Svensson, Laurén will once again be relying on Hussein’s expertise, and following training sessions in Stockholm and London, the pair are currently undergoing an intensive training camp in the French mountains to ensure the former WBC Super Welterweight Champion enters the ring in optimum condition.

Speaking ahead of the fight, Hussein is convinced his fighter has the beating of her domestic rival and has predicted a stoppage victory for the ‘Nordic Queen’.

‘’Boxing is all about levels,’’ says Hussein. ‘’And Klara has never fought anyone on Mikaela’s level. The one time she did step up to fight Erica Farias for the World title she was put on the floor, and that girl was only half her size, so you can only imagine what Mikaela is going to do to her.

‘’There really is no comparison. Mikaela is a one hundred times more superior fighter than Klara. She’s got the footwork, the hand speed, the strength, the experience – everything she needs to win, and if Mikaela sticks to the game plan, it’s going to be an easy night’s work.’’

While working on a winning formula for Laurén, Hussein has also been doing his homework on Svensson, and believes he has the ‘Swedish Princess’ sussed out.

‘’We know exactly what to expect from Klara,’’ he says. ‘’She’s not going to stand in the middle of the ring and fight, that would be suicidal, she’s going to try to use her jab, pick her shots and run around the ring. She will be running all night, but as soon as Mikaela catches her, the fight is over. I can only see one outcome and that’s a KO victory for Mikaela.’’

Tickets for the interim WBC Female World Welterweight Championship fight between Mikaela Lauren and Klara Svensson on September 10 at the Hovet are available online via and or by calling 0771-31 00 00.

All the action will be available to watch live and exclusive in Scandinavia on Viaplay Fighting. For more information please visit .