Gennady Golovkin talks humble beginnings, fulfilling dreams

WBC 27/08/2016
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In the ring, Gennady Golovkin, one is a one-man demolition derby!

The silver medalist in Athens 2004, who fought more than 300 bouts as an amateur, remembered his first steps with boxing.

“Since I can remember, boxing has always been part of my life. There was always a pair of boxing glove at home. Everyone in my house practiced boxing at sometime, so naturally, it was something I was going to do. ” 

Gennady did more than just do….he excelled to become the (35-0, 32, KO’s), WBC middleweight champion.

“I always wanted to be someone in boxing. When I was young, all I could say was that I wanted to be a unified world champion. Today I’ve fulfilled some of my biggest goals. Yet I still want to keep making history.”

Kazakhstan’s history in boxing has been very successful. The nation started to participate in the Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996, as it used to be part of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan has won 7 golden medals, 7 silver  and 8 bronze medals.

“A professional boxing culture doesn’t really exist. But I hope, that little by little, my example begins to awake interest.

“There are some different aspects, but the sport is basically the same. I like the two spheres, but I saw better opportunities in gaining success in professional boxing,” says Gennady, who two years after participating in the Athens Olympic Games decided to turn pro.

He blazed a spectacular start, winning sixteen of eighteen matches by KO, all of them in Europe, but without formulating a set style. So, his promoter decided to take him across The Pond to the USA, searching for a trainer who would elevate him to the zenith level of greatness.

They found Abel Sanchez, a Mexican trainer, who had developed world champions Miguel Angel Gonzalez and Carlos Baldomir.

“When I first met him, I instantly thought he was awesome. He had a lot of a maturity via experience. Sixteen pro victories by KO, and above all, a hunger and willingness to keep learning.

“He has been always powerful and agile, but he still retained, and was restrained by an amateur style. Basically, a fighter looking to make points,” Sanchez commented.

A lot has changed since then. With Abel’s help fueled by his determination and ability, Gennady has evolved into a formidable Mexican style KO artist.

On September 10, Gennady Golovkin will be making his first WBC middleweight title defense against Brit, Kell Brook.