Best Betting Opportunities for 2017

WBN 26/08/2016

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Who doesn’t get at least a bit curious about what would it be like to be a millionaire when he hears of the staggering amounts of money that boxing champions earn with just one fight.

For most of us, earning that much money is unimaginable, unless we manage to win the lottery or something similar. In fact, that hope is what drives most players to try their luck at some of the multiple available online casinos. Luckily, you won’t have to start risking your own money right away, as many online casinos offer a lot of bonuses and promotions. Here are some of the best UK casino bonuses. Playing online casino games isn’t the only way to win money online. If you’re a fan of boxing and you think you know a lot about, you may win money by placing wagers on upcoming boxing matches.

You Can Bet Online

The best thing about betting on boxing nowadays is that it is offered by a large number of operators and you don’t have to bet at the arena where the fight is taking place or even go to the betting shop on your high street. Instead, you can bet online, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Betting On Future Matches

Nowadays you don’t even have to wait for the day when a boxing match is taking place, or even few days or a week before that. It is possible to bet on fights that are scheduled two, three or even half a year later than the moment when you want to place a bet. You can, say, place a bet on the fight between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward which is scheduled for November 20 this year. The odds offered on such bets are usually a lot more competitive and that is why many punters, especially those who are patient and wise enough prefer placing such wagers.

Callum Smith to Win a World Title

In fact, you can even bet on a boxing match that is not even scheduled yet. If this sounds complicated to you, don’t worry because it is very simple. Today, you can place a wager on a fight that might or might not happen until the end of 2017. For example, you can bet that Callum Smith will win at least one World title, either WBO, WBC, WBA Super or IBF by the end of 2017. SkyBet offers this market at odds 4/7. This means that if he manages to win a title at any point by the end of next year, you will make a £57 profit on a £100 wager.

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Both Smith and Campbell to Win Titles

And if you think that both Callum Smith and Luke Campbell will manage to win a title by the end of 2017, then you could earn £1,000 on a £100, as this bet is at odds 10/1. In order for you to win this bet, both of them have to win the title until the end of next year. If only Smith, or only Campbell wins a title, then you wouldn’t receive anything.

 Has David Haye Still Got It?

People have been talking a lot about David Haye and there has been some doubts whether he still has what it takes to become a World Champion again. Sure, he managed to knock out Arnold Gjergjaj earlier this year, but that still doesn’t prove anything.

Many wonder whether he could stand against Fury or Klitschko and claim a World title once again. If you believe that he can do so and win either the IBF, WBO, WBC or WBA Super title by the end of 2017, then you’re in lucky because this wager is available at odds 10/1, which means you could potentially make one grand with a £100 bet.

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Potential Fights Betting

In addition, you can also bet on individual fights. For example, you can bet on a fight between Kell Brook and Timothy Bradley Junior. The odds for Brook are 83/100, whereas the odds for Bradley to win are evens. If the fight doesn’t take place by the end of 2017, then the bet is void.

You can also place a bet on a fight between Golovkin and Alvarez. Here Golovkin is considered to be the favourite and the odds on him are 4/25, whereas the odds on Alvarez to win are 7/2. There are quite a few other possible fights that you could bet on. As long as you can be patient and wait by the end of next year, there’s money to be made.