Top betting apps for Android phones

WBN 24/08/2016

Finding and downloading the best Betting app on your Android phone can be a challenge because of restrictions on the availability of gambling apps in the Google Play store.

Some developers can get around the rules by making these apps free for download and installation via third party websites. The top betting apps are usually located by searching through a mobile browser and then installing the Android app through that source.

One of the top betting apps allows for the placement of bets on a variety of sporting events, and it comes with several features that make the gambling experience even more fun. These include offers such as second goal score specials, accumulator betting insurance, and similar features. This kind of app also has a user-friendly layout that allows for quick and easy bet placement. The sporting events available for betting with one of these apps include football, horse racing, car racing, and many others. Additional features in one of these apps can allow you to double or triple your bet placement with the single tap of a button.

Other top Android betting apps contain lists of all available sports and easy-to-navigate lists of current games going on. As long as your phone or tablet is connected to the Internet via a wireless or network connection, these games free for bet placement are available in real time. Each listed sport also has a dedicated in-play section that allows easy bet placement while you’re on the go.

The top Android gambling apps can be located and installed on a variety of brands, including HTC, Samsung, Asus, and many others. In many cases, the best betting apps have more functionality and are more user-friendly than many desktop based gaming sites. Many of these apps allow real time betting on racing, tennis, soccer, cricket, and a host of other sporting events throughout the year. These apps usually download and install quickly as long as you have a strong mobile Internet connection. Many will even give new members a welcome betting balance of around $100 to $200 when a new account is registered.

Top rated Android betting apps on your phone can be located in places other than the Google Play store, so in all likelihood you’ll need to do a bit of searching through the best available betting sites. The desktop versions make their mobile apps available for direct download to your Android phone and to some supported tablets Along with sports betting, some of these apps even include a few casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Some also have promotional joining bets on certain sporting events, such as a bet of $5 placed will yield a bonus $20 bet on the same or a similar event. These types of bonuses work as great promotional tools, and they also increase the chances of your winning a good payout relatively quickly. Apps with these features and bonuses are definitely recommended for both newcomers and for experienced users of online gaming apps for Android devices.