Actor Ramirez meets with Leonard at ‘Hands of Stone’ premiere

WBC 23/08/2016


Venezuelan Actor Edgar Ramirez confides that interpreting Roberto Durán in “Hands of the Stone” movie was hardly a piece of cake.

Edgar had to learn to box, in order to understand the exceptionally exacting sacrifices a fighter must harness to his ability and punching power to become a world champion.

The actor had to really knuckle down to the challenge of his life, and the most demanding role of his career, rolling with the punches. He was lucky, honored and privileged to be constantly accompanied, advised and encouraged by the former world champion and his sons, who are also boxers.

Proud of his brilliantly authentic performance, Edgar Ramirez explains that the movie is for all audiences. Not only will Roberto Duran’s millions of worldwide fans enjoy this film but all public in general, who savor an all action movie.

Rags to riches. No handouts. Rather Hands of Stone!