Bundu: Spence Jr. my toughest fight to date

Ryan Greene

Italian former European champion Leonard Bundu believes he’s approaching his hardest fight ahead this Sunday’s meeting with Errol Spence Jr.

Known as ‘The Truth,’ Spence is much touted as a future world title holder and Bundu will have to pull off a shock in order to end the American’s unbeaten run.

“Spence Jr. is a good boxer. He’s probably my toughest fight to date. These kind of fights make me more motivated.

“I have nothing to lose. I’m going to give it all I have and I’m very confident in myself. I believe I can be victorious.

“Spence Jr. and Thurman have some similarities but also are completely different fighters. I have studied Spence and I believe I will have an even better chance against Spence Jr..

“I’m always trying new workouts and trying to improve my training. I’m in tremendous shape and I know it will help carry me in the ring.

“I thought my performance was okay against Thurman. There was definitely room to improve and I think I’m an even better fighter now than I was then. I feel like I was 10 years ago. I’m like wine, I’m truly getting better with age.

“I see his weaknesses and I have to take advantage of them. I believe I can put him in trouble with my countering but it all has to come together in the ring.

“I love the challenge. I want to give him his first loss. That’s what I have to do. That’s all that is in my head.”