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Home » Exclusive: Jamie Conlan ‘sickened’ by judging following brother Michael’s Rio defeat

Exclusive: Jamie Conlan ‘sickened’ by judging following brother Michael’s Rio defeat

The 29 year-old, five years older than his current World, European and Commonwealth amateur title holding sibling, watched on in disbelief as judges scored in favour of Vladimir Nikitin in Tuesday’s bantamweight quarter-final.

According to CompuBox punch stats handed to WBN on Wednesday, Conlan had clearly done enough to get the nod and claim a place in the semi-final – along with a guaranteed medal, leaving brother Jamie claiming something sinister lead to the officials failing to come to the correct conclusion.

“This was not a defeat, this was a blatant robbery!” Conlan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’m sickened to see someone’s twelve-year Olympic Dream destroyed at the hands unlawful and corrupt judges. The world saw how bad this was. This wasn’t a fair and level playing field.”

The AIBA have since issued a statement on what they called, ‘decisions not at the level expected’ and sent home a selection of judges and referees from the tournament. The document concluded that all results will stand though which Jamie Conlan says is just another slap in the face for Michael.

“AIBA sending the judges home is an admittance of their guilt. They screwed Michael bad as he did everything needed to win.

“After a first round that he clearly dominated, to only find himself losing he changed tactics and brought the fight to the Russian to beat him at his own game, it’s mind boggling.

“But overall I am very proud of his performance. This result will not define his career but only be a catalyst for bigger and better things to come.

“For now, he should take some time off with his family and friends after a long three years where he became Commonwealth, European and World Champion,” he added.