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Home » Exclusive: Molina says Price doesn’t deserve Joshua shot, would be KO’d with one punch

Exclusive: Molina says Price doesn’t deserve Joshua shot, would be KO’d with one punch

Price has been vocal in the press campaigning for the chance to face Joshua later this year, citing a sparring knockout post-2008 Olympics as the main reason for the two UK punchers settling the score.

Molina doesn’t believe Price should be given this opportunity after just one low-key comeback victory and has offered the Merseysider a chance to earn a fight with Joshua by opposing him first.

“We all know David Price is trying to talk his way into a title shot,” Molina exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Obviously, Price is missing one thing in order for him to do so. He needs to defeat somebody like me and prove he is worthy.”

On Price’s knockout of a then amateur Joshua, he added: “Sparring Anthony Joshua is different from a fight, especially sparring each other such a long time ago.

“In this game, it isn’t about how hard you can punch, it’s also about how much of a punch you can take. That’s the real problem Price has and he knows it. He needs to prove he belongs in a ring with Joshua.

“A short while ago, Price thought a fight with me was a good idea but I have yet to hear anything about a fight offer. Price needs to man up earn his shot or keep quiet.

“I’m not trying to talk shit, I’m just keeping it real. If the world thinks I’m not ready for a title shot, then I’m willing to fight anybody to prove that I am. Price needs to do the same. He owes it to himself and his fans. If he doesn’t have it, then so be it and he should move on.

“A fight versus Price is dangerous for both of us. They were looking for me before and know that I’m very easy to find.

“The truth of the matter is, Joshua would destroy Price with his first punch and this would only upset fans from the UK.

“Let’s see Price have a real test against me and then see if he can truly deserve to fight Joshua!”