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Home » Frank Warren airs views on Lucas Browne, Tyson Fury test failures

Frank Warren airs views on Lucas Browne, Tyson Fury test failures

In Warren’s latest offering entitled: ‘This heavyweight logjam needs clearing up,’ questions were raised about the nature of both Browne and Fury’s failures.

Big Daddy Browne was deemed to have fallen foul of doping regulations in the wake of his defeat of Ruslan Chagaev in Grozny,” said Warren.

Traces of a fat burner were discovered in his sample and the spoils of his victory were never dispatched to his Sydney home.

This one never smelt right from the beginning. Why would a heavyweight boxer require the use of a fat burner when they are not subject to the stringent weight demands of other divisions? It also emerged categorically that he arrived in Russia a clean athlete and whatever entered his system was consumed during fight week in Chechnya.

Given the revelations of state-sponsored doping that have blighted Russian sport and even threatened participation in the forthcoming Rio Olympics, I can’t help thinking Browne has been hard done by and should have been afforded the benefit of the doubt.

He is rightly making a legal challenge to the decision to strip him of his hard-earned title. It now transpires that Chagaev has been stripped of his reinstated status after declining to pay sanction fees, muddying the waters even further.

That belt is up for grabs again and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is where Haye comes into play once more, with Browne hopefully also back in the picture.

The ‘tournament’ to establish a pecking order for challenges to their champion appears to be collapsing. Luis Ortiz was set to fight Alexander Ustinov, but now Ortiz has pulled out having agreed terms with Golden Boy, so that is up in the air as well.

Like Browne, Fury is also seeking legal recourse following accusations of doping misdemeanors made against himself and cousin Hughie.

Yesterday, Charles Flint QC provisionally lifted Tyson and Hughie’s ridiculous suspensions, pending a hearing.

Flint’s ruling means Fury’s highly-anticipated rematch against Klitschko, broadcast exclusively live on BoxNation, is free to go ahead on Saturday 29th October at the Manchester Arena.

Warren continued: I don’t understand for the life of me how it has got into this position. If he was positive, why on earth did they allow him to fight on?

It is my understanding he has been tested on a regular basis, 10-15 tests since. I don’t get how they let him and Hughie fight on if they were deemed to have failed a test.

Why has it taken so long to do anything, why the press leaks?

What is astonishing is that UKAD actually sat down with them at the time and advised them about diets and what to eat. Why go to all that trouble, allowing him to fight Klitschko and advising them not to eat too much of certain food types as they create nandrolone.

I understand the Board of Control also don’t understand why we are in this position – nobody can understand why we are where we are with it. It is ridiculous and I don’t know where it is going.

Hopefully, the High Court will quickly clear up this mess of UKAD’s own making so that Tyson can get back to doing what he does best and dominate the heavyweight landscape.

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