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Frankly Stea – Episode 1: Reflecting on Crawford v Postol

A lot people don’t really know what efforts are put into these kind of events, it’s so much work and so complicated that even after three years with the company, I’m still trying to figure how it all gets done.

Throughout my time in this industry, you hear stories from the people who paved the way and have experienced the “BIG’ fights over the last few decades. It’s hard to argue with the veterans of our sport if this era (2000’s) compares to the fighters and fights of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

I’m “New School” I have a lot of faith and support in our current crop of fighters.

Putting all the era’s aside, and speaking as a fan, last month’s unification bout between Terence Crawford and Viktor Postol matched up to any fight from any these era’s.

We had two undefeated world champions putting it on the line and unifying their respective championships on a Saturday Night Pay-Per-View.

The Omaha native Crawford is highly considered as the heir to the Pound for Pound throne. He’s done everything right and has a fighting style that’s his own. There hasn’t been anyone yet to crack the code and figure him out. Over the years to come, young fighters will emulate the “Crawford Style” like a lot of fighters of today do with the legends of the past. He’s a special fighter!

Postol of Ukraine, found it difficult to handle Crawford and ultimately lost out to the better man.

These are the kind of moments that make me so blessed to be a part of the greatest boxing promotion in the world, Top Rank.

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