Jamie Hilt faces Joel Camilleri in Melbourne this weekend

TGW & Smithy 10/08/2016
Smithy TGW

JAMIE HILT WILL BE OUT TO ENHANCE HIS CLAIMS FOR A QLD TITLE when he fights Joel Camilleri in Melbourne on Saturday night.

The pair will meet over four rounds at the light middle weight limit. It will be Hilt’s first bout outside of Queensland.

“At the end of the day when you step between the ropes it doesn’t matter what city or country the ring is in,” Hilt said.

“It’s just me and him and the best man will win. This is another tough test for me and I’ll give it my best shot and hopefully it’s good enough to get the win.

“We’ve had a great preparation for this bout and a big thanks to Craig Monagle my trainer, Corey Hess, Kris George and all the team at Trading Blows for helping get me fight fit for this one.”

Jamie Hilt is undefeated in five bouts while Camilleri has ten wins from fourteen bouts. Ironically while Hilt has never fought outside of Queensland, Camilleri has had all fourteen of his bouts in his home state of Victoria.

“It’s a tough fight, no questions there,” Hilt’s trainer Craig Monagle said.

“On paper we’re definitely the underdogs and we’ve got to go into his back yard but that doesn’t bother us. I believe Jamie will thrive on it. He’s had a great prep – as always.

“Jamie’s work ethic is incredible, he’s an absolute pleasure to train and he always puts it on the line – that’s why he’s so popular.

“He’s done a lot of rounds with Kris George for this one and there is no better sparring partner in the country than Krissy.

“Look what Kris did in New Zealand against Bowyn Morgan and Jamie was a big part of Kris’ training camp as well.

“I’m sure all those rounds with Krissy will be a huge help and an advantage in our favour come fight night.

“We’re going down there confident we can win this fight but we have huge respect for Joel Camilleri so it’s going to be a challenge.

“But a challenge I believe Jamie is equal to.

“All I know is Jamie will give it his all and hopefully everything will take care of itself.”

Hilt who normally fights in the welterweight division has stepped up to light middle weight for this bout, but that hasn’t altered his hopes of pursuing a shot at the State belt at welterweight down the track.

“Most definitely we’re still eyeing off a shot at the Queensland welterweight title,” Monagle confirmed.

“This bout is a great stepping stone we believe.

“A win here and hopefully we can look at a title shot back at welterweight later in the year.

“However that’s the furthest thing from our minds at the moment we have one focus and one focus only and that’s Joel Camilleri in Melbourne on Saturday night.

“Joel is the man in front of us so we’re not looking past him.”