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Home » Exclusive: Sanigar open to Selby giving Santa Cruz title shot

Exclusive: Sanigar open to Selby giving Santa Cruz title shot

Frampton defeated Santa Cruz in New York last month and Sanigar immediately threw Selby’s hat into the ring for a potential unification between the two champions in the United Kingdom.

Despite Frampton and Santa Cruz’s apparent willingness to face each other a second time, Sanigar stated that a fight with either would be acceptable to Selby as he seeks a massive test later this year.

“We are free of any mandatory obligations and Carl has just won the title,” Sanigar exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Carl probably has the chance of a rematch with Santa Cruz if he wanted it, but there’s also Russell Jr. and lots of other options out there. Those are the same for Lee also.

“I’d still be interested in Santa Cruz for Lee. Selby v Santa Cruz would be of great interest to us. I don’t think Santa Cruz lost any credibility at all in the Frampton defeat and that may be a route we go as well.

“I know Santa Cruz said it, but I really can’t see him travelling to Belfast for a rematch with Frampton. Plus, the Arena against Frampton was ninety percent against Santa Cruz so we may find his next fight will be back in Los Angeles.

“When you’ve got eight or nine thousand Irishman cheering every punch your opponent throws that can be a big difference to fighting at home.

“Whether Santa Cruz will now want a break due to his father’s health issues I don’t know but if not – and he wants an immediate shot at a title, his only other options are Gary Russell Jr. and Lee Selby.

“It’s all there but that’s what Selby wants. He sat there in New York and they are the kind of fights he wants to be involved in. Just like Carl, he just wants to be in those mega fights now,” he added.

At the moment, Selby seems to be on the outside looking in as Frampton and Santa Cruz prepare to open talks. Should an agreement fail to happen though, Selby is waiting to swoop in and claim the opportunity his recent form deserves.