Exclusive: Charles Martin ‘home and resting’ following gunshot surgery, investigation ongoing

Stephanie Trapp

Former world heavyweight champion Charles Martin has been discharged from hospital following treatment over the weekend for a gunshot wound to the forearm.

The 30 year-old, who lost his world title to Anthony Joshua in April, was reportedly targeted by suspects whilst in his car earlier this week and ‘saved by cops’ from bleeding to death after being hit by a bullet in the Los Angeles area of California.

In an exclusive update to World Boxing News on Saturday, spokesman Mike Borao said the following: “Thankfully, Charles is OK. I haven’t spoken to the surgeon yet, so don’t know the particulars, but my understanding is that the surgery went well and he checked out on Friday.

“The only update now is that Charles is home resting and grateful to the many well wishes received from people around the world, many from the UK. Obviously, he’s happy to be alive.”

Asked for the latest on the investigation into the gunmen, Borao added: “To my knowledge, police haven’t detained any suspects and there doesn’t appear to be any motive at this point. The whole thing appears to be a random act of violence.

“I have no new information beyond that,” he stated.

Martin faces a spell on the sidelines following the incident, having planned to be back in action in September or October before eyeing another shot at one of the current rulers in 2017.

The nature of the injury also raises question marks on the future functionality of the arm in question and could take some extensive rehabilitation to get the limb back in full working order.