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Home » Coach Sanchez: Fear becomes aggression for GGG and Brook

Coach Sanchez: Fear becomes aggression for GGG and Brook

Boasting a combined record of 71-0, Golovkin and Brook battle it out on September 10 for the chance to be recognised as the best fighter on the planet, pound for pound.

Sanchez will oversee a UK debut for middleweight king Golovkin at The O2 in London but is no stranger to British soil, having been their many times in the recent past with American slugger Carson Jones.

“These guys are very intelligent in the ring and that’s what makes them great. When the fear becomes aggression they want to win and excel,” said Sanchez.

“We are looking forward to a hard fight and to fighting the best welterweight on the planet.

“Four years ago we were here for Carson Jones and there are hundreds more cameras. Kell’s improved massively since then and we’re looking forward to a great fight against the best welterweight,” he added.

Golovkin, 34, is a big favourite despite Brook having home advantage, and whilst there’s a gulf of two divisions between them, no massive size difference was apparent at a recent two-leg press tour.