Roach: Rematch the only reason Pacquiao’s still in the game, at 100% he destroys Mayweather!

Phil Jay 28/07/2016

Chris Farina

Trainer Freddie Roach has revealed the real reason Manny Pacquiao is set for a return to boxing this year as the Filipino aims for a second fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Pacquiao was humbled on points by Mayweather in a contest that failed to live up to the hype in May 2015 and calls for a rematch were met with groans by sceptical fans.

Bouts with Terence Crawford, Danny Garcia and Adrien Broner have been touted for Pacquiao’s much-talked-about comeback from an April retirement, although the end game is all Mayweather, according to the multiple-time recipient of the coveted Coach of the Year award.

“That’s probably the only reason that we’re staying in the game because we do want a rematch with Mayweather and we would like to get that,” Roach told Jenna J of On the Ropes Radio.

“Mayweather has been to my gym a couple of times and I saw him at a restaurant in LA one time and he took pictures with my friends, he was very polite and very nice. He told me he hasn’t trained a day since he retired and I said, “Hey, I thought you were a gym rat, you’re always in the gym,” and he said, “I haven’t worked out a day since I retired.”

“I told him, “There’s still some big fights out there for you.” I didn’t ask him about Manny at all but I don’t know the real reason why he’s coming by to visit. He doesn’t want me to be his trainer I don’t think, but I thought maybe it was for him and Manny to get together one more time.

“I know Manny wants the rematch really bad, Manny thought he won the first fight and if you look at it with no commentating, you watch and see him landing more punches. I still was a little disappointed in Manny’s performance but now he’s one hundred percent and I think at one hundred percent, he will destroy him,” he added.

Mayweather has shown absolutely no sign of ending his ten-month exile, whilst Pacquiao could be playing a dangerous game facing either Crawford or Garcia, both of whom would pose the ‘Pacman’ different problems.

A clash with Broner would probably be the best option to ease Pacquiao into a potential return with Mayweather in May 2017, although the pound for pound king’s desire to regain his throne has to be questioned at this point in time.