Betting options for boxing fans

WBN 26/07/2016

Naoki Fukuda

Hand-to-hand combat has fascinated people since time immemorial. In Ancient Rome, the Coliseum was often filled with spectators eager to see battles between the best gladiators.

These were often fights to the death which added to the suspense. The world has changed a great deal since then. There are no more slaves pitted against each other in the arena but the desire to compete in combat sports is still alive in a lot of individuals. Fans are there to cheer them on as they practice the sweet science of boxing. Some even bet on their favorites to make money along the way.

Online Options

There are number of ways to make a bet. If you go to a place like Vegas, then you should be able to find plenty of booths accepting bets before a major fight. Other regions may not have the facilities for these but people can still take part using online platforms. It’s just like playing Royal Vegas online casino games. Pick your desired outcome, assign your wager, and hope for the best.You can use your knowledge of the sport to craft profitable strategies. Many of the online casino games that Royal Vegas does offer, if played with wisdom and strategy, you will have the opporutnity to knock the lights out and have an unforgettable experience. Boxing your way through many of their games with excitement and fun, getting treated like a champion when signing up and joining the platform, is what online gaming is all about.

Picking the Outright Winner

The most popular way to bet on boxing matches is to simply pick the winner. Sometimes this is easy to predict given the difference in experience, skills and size of the boxers. When the disparity is huge, then the odds can be dismal. For instance, picking the favorite may only bring about a tickle in profits. You might have to wager $1,000 to win $100 or less. On the other hand, you can bet a small amount on the underdog and have a chance to collect handsome profits. Things are always better if the fight is between two evenly matched boxers.

By the Round

Fans can also bet on the duration of the match. Most professional fights last 12 rounds at the maximum. If none of the fighters fall when the bell sounds, then we go to the judges’ score cards. Boxers usually avoid this because there can be big surprises when the scores are announced. There have been countless controversies in boxing with some of them involving the superstars of the sport. History is the ultimate judge of these fights but for the bettors, the official outcome stands whether they agree with it or not. Knowing the styles of the fighters help determine the possible length of the match with defensive specialist going the distance and aggressors going for the knockout punch early on.

Decision or Knockout

Related to this is the actual outcome of the match — that is, whether it ends in a decision or a knockout. A decision can even be divided even further with three scenarios: a majority decision, a split decision, and a draw. Nobody really likes a draw because it doesn’t determine the better fighter which is what fans ultimately want to know. However, sometimes this is the fair choice. In tight contests, you can bet on this and win big.