Promoter Lee Baxter discusses July 28 Ontario event

Phil Jay 25/07/2016

Boxing promoter Lee Baxter heads to Danforth Music Hall in Toronto this week with a late change in the main event between Steve Wilcox and Juan Orozco.

Baxter has lined up an entertaining card for the fans to enjoy with Ontario’s own Wilcox topping the bill in the eight-round contest, switched over the weekend following the withdrawal of Jesus Singwancha.

WBN caught up with Wilcox this week to get his views on Wilcox and the events itself taking place on Thursday.

“Steve Wilcox is a prospect that had a very extensive amateur career and is now going to be stepping up opposition each fight and we will see how he performs. Thursday should be a good test,” Wilcox told World Boxing News.

“I will be showcasing Alex Dilmaghani 10-1, Kane Heron 4-0, Mario Perez 19-7, and a couple new names I have my eyes on. The series is mainly a platform for guys I have eyes on to showcase their skills in front of me to possibly strike a promotional deal.”

On the problems faced through a few pre-event reshuffles, Wilcox added: “This card had some last minute opponent fall outs and we are fortunate Steve stepped up to be the main event.

“Putting on these events have been stressful especially when it’s a new venue as everything hasn’t been done before. But once I get the first one out of the way things will only get easier.

“Personally, I can’t wait for Kane Heron’s return after his nose surgery. He has been out since March but has been in the gym the whole time. His whole team has never seen him so committed and focused, it will be fun building him up while branding him at the same time.

“As for the fans and July 28th, there are actually some real interesting match ups we have Zeferino vs. Croteau, both undefeated and big punchers. Mel Miljas, he is a massive heavyweight who will impress. D’Alusio I am interested to see his skills as he is a real fan favourite making his debut. We will also get to see how both Tim Cronin and Steven Wilcox perform to stepped up opposition.

“I appreciate the time and support has been great so far. If you don’t have them already go get your tickets at ticketmaster.ca,” he added.